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Hot surface suction cups


A new material for its line of piGRIP® suction cups as well as its smaller Bellows and Universal models. The material - HNBR is known for superior mechanical properties that equates to excellent durability, tear and abrasion resistance. This material provides an extended lifetime compared to conventional suction cup materials. A key application for this new suction cup material is injection molding. The process to pick a part out of a mold can now start earlier without waiting to cool down the tool or part. The material provides an advantage of shorter cycle times and in many cases less energy is needed for the cooling down process. The quicker the robot picks parts from the mold, the more parts can be produced. Other applications include handling windshields, wall and floor tiles, pottery, porcelain and other molding and casting operations with a high degree of automation. The suction cups are Silicone-free (PWIS free) meaning it can be used to handle parts prior to the painting process. Leaving no mark behind, they are also suitable to use on sensitive surfaces, such as glass. The unique modular piGRIP® suction cup platform offers this cup material in four sizes from 29-79 mm. That plus an endless amount of fittings and bellows combinations makes it easy to find the right cup for your application. To make a complete program for for handling smaller parts, this material is also available for the smaller Bellows and Universal models in sizes from 10-20 mm.



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