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Mounting elements for suction cups


Robots and other special machines with vacuum cups use an “end-effector” frame structure made of extruded Al-profiles (probably from suppliers like ITEM, Bosch and 80/20). Suction cups are attached to the extruded profiles by mounting tools/elements, sometimes referred to as “end-of-arm-tools” (EOAT). In a few industries, such as automotive and plastics, there is a frequent need to position the cup in all directions (x, y, z) due to the geometry of the handled parts. Uneven parts with complex geometries will require sophisticated mounting elements/tools with full adjustability. Customers in plastics and automotive quite often prefer to purchase an engineered and complete end-effector tool (incl. frame, tool changer, etc) from one supplier, not just cups + cup-mounting-elements. However, for a vast majority of the applications Piab is targeting, such as palletizing, case erecting, bag handling, metal/wood sheet loading, glass handling, etc., positioning of the suction cups in x- and y-direction (vertically and horizontally) is enough. The end-effector in these applications is less complex and usually manufactured by the OEM or Robot integrator (not purchased from companies such as SAS-automation, Bilsing, ISI, ASS, CPI, Gimatic, EMI, FEBA, etc). Piab is happy to introduce a program of mounting elements in 4 sizes, suitable for suction cups from 5-10 mm up to app. 75-80 mm. Our intention is to provide customers who need to position the suction cups vertically and horizontally, the ability to purchase the cups and cup-mounting-elements from the same supplier. Thus, avoid turning them to another vendor or have them design it themselves (cost of engineering). The complete program consists of mounting brackets, height adjusters, suction cup rod extensions and level compensators.



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