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New Tool Center Point Calibration System

Shape Process Automation (formerly Tech-Con Automation)

Tech-Con Automation Incorporated’s most recent technological advancement is the new Tool Center Point Calibration System (TCPCS). This latest technology has been designed for Tech-Con’s robotic Waterjet Cutting Cells in collaboration with the integration of MOTOMAN robots. The new TCPCS brings substantial benefits to the market place and Tech-Con’s customers. The Tool Center Point Calibration System was developed as a solution to a potentially serious issue that arises from time to time in Robotic Waterjet Cutting, where due to improper product fixturing or operator error, the water jet nozzle may contact the work piece and can become misaligned. The TCP Calibration system can be used with or without a shock sensor on the robot arm. When the cutting nozzle is misaligned, due to damage or an improperly seated shock sensor and breakaway couplings, this system can save many man hours, scrapped materials and lost production. The TCP Calibration System is a fully automated system that can be selected and run by the machine operator at any time there is concern that the nozzle may have been moved or routinely as part of normal cell operation. This technology will revolutionize product fixturing for Waterjet equipment customers by reducing waste and downtime. This is the first system available for use on MOTOMAN robots and the only one that can be used in conjunction with shock sensors.

Model: TCPCS



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