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Nachi SRA-H

Nachi Robotic Systems Inc.

Nachi SRA-H series robots offer advanced through-arm cababilites with high payload capacity, a feature typically only available on small robots. Through arm routing of pneumatic, power, signal, motor, and encoder cables simplifies robot dress and increases application flexibility. By neatly routing all essential connections through the robot arm, extremely accurate offline simulation studies can be conducted with confidence. Performing offline simulations with Nachi's SRA-H Series Robots drastically reduces installation programming time and allows designers to create work cell layouts with ease. Minimize the chance of dress elements snagging on peripheral equipment or tooling, minimize maintenance, and increase up-time in your manufacturing process. Built on the proven industry leading SRA Robot platform SRA-H series robots provide unmatched speed, repeatability, and reliability. Four unique models to chose from make SRA-H through arm robots capable of performing more applications with payloads ranging from 100Kg through 220Kg. The SRA-H Robot Series includes the SRA100H, SRA133HL, SRA220H and SRA220HV. The SRA220HV is a unique invert (ceiling) mount capable robot for applications where increased robot density or floorspace conservation is a must. Nachi SRA-H Series Robots offer the latest in mechancial design, powerful software application tools, and ease of operator use. Contact Nachi today to learn about improving your manufacturing processes with SRA-H Series Robots.

Model: SRA-H



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