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Nachi Robotic Systems Inc.

Eager in 2015, we've expanded our MZ series and launched the "MZ04" as the World's Fastest and Lightest Compact Robot with a target set on the 3-4kg payload capacity segment of the compact robot market.  The 6 axis robot has a footprint equal to an A5 sheet of paper, a max reach of 541mm, and weighs a mere 26kg.  Designed to be extremely compact with minimal installation space, unconventional layout options include: ceiling mount, wall mounting, and tilted postures.  Nachi's MZ Series robots can be installed anywhere within reach of a wall plug making it an ideal solution for locations without commercial power.  Applied seamlessly with advanced Nachi software packages, application possibilities include but not limited to palletizing, force sensing, vision sensing, line-tracking conveyor synchronization, material handling, dispensing, picking, packing, deburring, dispensing, and many more.  

Boasting an IP67 rating, MZ Series robots are the fastest in class (in standard speed testing) surpassing all competitors robots.  As the newest addition to Nachi's comprehensive robot lineup, MZ Series robots build on the great heritage of large payload robots by providing an extremely versatile small robot with top of the line capabilities.  The new MZ Series arms feature ultra-high-speed motion capability with advanced through-arm dress designed to simplify routing of hoses and cables inside the hollow wrist.  Smart cable routing helps prevent interference with peripheral equipment, which greatly improves equipment reliability.

Model: MZ04-01



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