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SPG for Chocolates

Schmalz, Inc.

The Schmalz suction pad SPG handles chocolates delicately

The SPG suction pad has an extremely thin and supple sealing lip that provides an optimal seal for both smooth, glazed chocolate bonbons and structured surfaces. The tapered suction pad geometry ensures that round and square chocolates are completely enclosed and securely held under maximum dynamic pressure. Even chocolates with fillings are moved at high process speeds without being broken. The bell shape securely encloses the chocolate while low vacuum values of -100 mbar prevent the fluid that is underneath the chocolate shell from leaking. The high nominal flow of the suction pad ensures that the required operating vacuum is quickly formed and that leaks that occur when moving highly-structured chocolates are optimally compensated.

The SPG is manufactured from FDA-compliant silicone material and is authorized for direct contact with food. It complies with applicable hygiene regulations because it can be replaced without causing contamination. A mounting aid that is integrated in the shaft lets you mount or remove the suction pad without touching the sealing lip. The SPG can also be steam sterilized and cleaned using industry-standard cleaning agents. A one-piece insertable connection element with a 1/8" male or female thread and integrated seal is used to connect it to the handling or robot system.

Whether you’re working with round chocolates with a maximum diameter of 35 mm or oval and square chocolates with a maximum diagonal measurement of 30 mm – the SPG allows for reliable handling with extremely short cycles



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