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Vacuum End Effector VEE

Schmalz, Inc.

The Schmalz modular system for vacuum end effectors (VEE) permits fast and easy setup of robot grippers for the packaging industry. From now on, the end effectors can be configured online.

Case packer, carton and tray erecting machine, top or side loading machine – the modular system from Schmalz makes for fast and flexible gripper configuration.. The VEE masters loads of up to 2000 g and process accelerations up to 10 g (100 m/s²) in high-speed pick and place processes.

A wide selection of different flanges, connection elements and suction pads is available. The VEE permits minimum configurations with one suction pad and maximum configurations with 12 suction pads. Depending on your specific requirements, you can select from a wide range of suction pads: flat suction pad SGPN for handling fragile foil and blister packaging, flat suction pad SPF for handling stable cardboard boxes, bellows suction pad SPB4 for handling filled bags or flow wrap packaging. Gripper changeover times are kept to a minimum thanks to the standard quick-change adapter. Another feature is the hose-free vacuum distribution within the system, which reduces possible leakage and ensures greater efficiency and faster response times. All VEE components are made of polysulfone PSU according to FDA guidelines. They are resistant to alkaline and acidic cleaning agents and can be steam sterilized.

Schmalz offers a 120 piece VEE starter kit for the setup of up to two end effectors, including suction pads and manual quick-change coupler with bayonet fastener.



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