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Large Area Gripping System FXC with Foam Sealing

Schmalz, Inc.

Large-area gripping system FXC with foam sealing plate for handling rigid, stable products such as cardboard boxes.

The large-area gripper module’s basic body is made of aluminum, the length can be adjusted, and it is available in two basic versions: with an integrated ejector (FXC) and with a connection for external vacuum generation (FMC). When selecting the suction area of the large-area gripper module – the so-called sealing element – the user can choose either the foam plate version and the elastomer suction pad version. The properties of the workpiece being handled are the deciding factor in this instance: Highly durable, flexible foam is used for handling rigid products such as cardboard boxes, cans, barrels or similar workpieces. There are different versions of this type available. Special technology makes it possible to remove the foam quickly when it has become worn out without leaving any residue.



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