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Large-Area Gripping System FXC

Schmalz, Inc.

Large-area gripping system FXC with a foam sealing plate for handling more flexible products such as sacks.

For more flexible products such as plastic bags or film packaging, the sealing element consists of suction pads that can be easily changed thanks to a coupling mechanism. Another major configuration component of the large-area gripper module is the valve: The user can choose between the valve types SW (for higher process acceleration) and SVKW (for particularly fast cycle times or for porous workpieces/workpieces with rough surfaces). Both valve types ensure maximum system availability, because they are both designed to be dirt-resistant and extremely energy efficient. The basic version of the large area gripping system FXC/FMC is also available in two special versions: As a custom version with reduced energy consumption for handling doors in the timber and furniture industries, and as a “heavy duty” version with an especially stable basic body and directly-mounted vacuum generator for extremely dynamic handling tasks.



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