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Layer Gripping System SPZ

Schmalz, Inc.

Layer gripping system SPZ: Basic version made of modularly-connected large-area grippers for handling layers of cardboard boxes.

The layer gripping system SPZ makes it possible to automate pick-up and transport processes for products that have been sorted and stacked in layers. The wide range of products that this gripping system can handle includes cardboard boxes, composite packaging, bottles, cans, glass jars, sacks, and shrunk and unshrunk goods. Even chilled and frozen products can be handled using this system, with or without an intermediate layer. One major advantage of the layer gripper: It doesn’t need to be replaced for order changes. This eliminates long and costly set-up times. The gripping system can also handle various layer sizes and layer arrangements: Even when handling layers with “chimneys” ? aka gaps in the layering pattern ? the system is a breeze to set up. The main element of the modular system is once again an FMC large-area gripper module with a suction chamber to compensate for any unevenness in the layers. The modular system is supplemented by mechanical gripper modules (these can be controlled pneumatically or by an electric motor), a skirt that is used to create a global vacuum chamber, as well as energy saving regulation.



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