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Layer Gripping System SPZ-M-C

Schmalz, Inc.

Layer gripping system SPZ-M-C:  version with mechanical clamping and a skirt for handling difficult goods such as product layers with gaps (“chimneys”).

The modular vacuum layer gripping system is available in three versions: The basic version (SPZ) consists of multiple directly connected large-area gripper modules FXC/FMC. It’s also available with additional mechanical clamping (SPZ-M), which is used for handling products that are difficult to pick up using only vacuum due to how they are filled or their surface properties, for example PET bottles or loosely packed and partially filled cardboard boxes. In this version, the mechanical clamping ensures additional stability and holding power when transporting these kinds of goods. Another variant of the basic version features mechanical clamping and an additional skirt (SPZ-M-C). This patented skirt creates a global vacuum suction chamber and makes it possible to handle product layers that previously could only be transported manually, such as cans that are placed on a cardboard tray and are not fixed. A special version is also available for use in deep freeze applications. This version can handle products up to a minimum temperature of - 30°C.



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