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Vacuum Spider SSP-FMC

Schmalz, Inc.

Vacuum spider SSP-FMC: large-area grippers connected modularly on aluminum sections for handling checker plates.

Vacuum suction spiders SSP are used not only in storage and distribution centers, but also with linking robots on press lines in sheet metal series production. They are also used for removing injection molded parts from molds in the plastics industry, for loading machining centers in the timber and furniture industries, as well as for handling modules during automated PV production. Vacuum suction spiders can also be configured using the modular system and consist of a sealing element, vacuum generation, valve module, sensor, profiles and holders. In the basic version, large-area gripper modules FMC are configured using aluminum beams so that they become a module that is optimized for handling tasks in terms of both its size and its performance. The large-area gripper modules are either affixed directly to the beam or attached using an adjustable element, so that they can be adjusted to a new product type without requiring tools whenever an order changes. The following additional modules are part of the vacuum spider modular system: separation or peeling units in order to securely separate porous and airtight products. Additionally, a valve unit that adjusts the gripper’s suction rate optimally based on the product to be handled is also available, as well as a sensor unit for optimizing cycle times.



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