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Neocortex RX Unit Pick Cell

Universal Logic

The Neocortex RX Unit Pick Workcell was jointly developed by R/X Automation Solutions (RXAS) and Universal Robotics (Universal) using Yaskawa Motoman MH Series robots.    It recognizes each item, verifies the unique National Drug Code (NDC) and prepares it for automatic patient labeling at a rate of 600 - 1400 per hour. Its compact design enables it to be integrated into existing drug order fulfillment processes either as a stand-alone solution or added to other RXAS automation equipment.

The pharmaceutical industry is faced with reducing both delivery costs and response time, often while facing a shortage of skilled laborers, while prescription drug fulfillment volume continues to increase. The RX Unit Workcell addresses these needs, providing a compact footprint for small pharmaceutical RX fulfillment operations and a modular design for large facilities.

“Delivering a robotic workcell that is capable of handling a wide range of unit-of-use drug items while guaranteeing 100% NDC verification is unprecedented,” stated Tim Chambers, president of RXAS. “Since the workcell easily fits in existing floor layouts, it will quickly revolutionize how the 1.3 billion pre-packaged annual prescriptions are delivered in the United States. Designed for high volume mail order and central fill pharmacy applications, accuracy and throughput are increased over current fulfillment methods, with a pay back in one year, even for small volume pharmaceutical operations.”

The RX Unit Pick Workcell utilizes Neocortex, Universal’s machine learning-based 3D vision, to recognize and identify thousands of different kinds of medicine packaged in bottles, tubes of ointment, small cartons or odd-shaped plastic containers. The workcell reads each unique NDC, orients the item and identifies a safe labeling zone for adhering a patient label. 

Model: U7500C



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