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Soft Robotics Development Kit (SrDK)

Soft Robotics Inc.

Soft Robotics Development Kit
Soft Robotics Inc. end of arm tool systems allow you to expand the possibilities of robotic automation. Our technology enables industrial robots to manipulate items of varying size, shape, and weight without the need for multiple end effectors, tool changes, and complex integrations.

Driven by customer demand, the Soft Robotics Development Kit enables system integrators and end-users to rapidly prototype, test, and validate Soft Robotics end of arm tooling solutions in current and potential applications.


  • The ability to rapidly develop and deliver custom tooling to solve difficult automation challenges
  • Test and validate Soft Robotics tooling for the widest variety of applications and target object variation
  • Quickly build and test tooling from two to five fingered designs and adjustable finger spacing 
  • Collaborate with Soft Robotics engineers to rapidly turn your validated prototype in to production tooling for Final Acceptance Testing and integration
  • Included Soft Robotics Control Unit provides turnkey pneumatic control system; no additional components or control hardware needed

What's In The Kit? 

Each Soft Robotics Development Kit contains everything an end user or integrator will need to prototype, test, and validate their end of arm tooling concept prior to commiting to a production system. 

  • Soft Robotics Control Unit (SRCU)
  • Five individual SRDK actuator modules
  • Two tool adapter plates, one for two, three, and four fingered configurations and one for five fingered designs.  Adapter plates are configured with mounting patterns for most industrial and collaborative robotic arms. 
  • The abilty to build multiple possible tooling configurations in opposing, offset, square, rectangular, and circular finger patterns

Getting Started

Each SRDK comes with an assembled five fingered, circular tool and a faux apple.  These items will enable the first time user to setup and run your first Soft Robotics application, quickly out of the box.

It is recommend at all first time users setup and run this demonstration on their own hardware, as it will provide hands on use of the hardware and configuration software included in the SRDK.

The step-by-step process is outlined in the included Quick Start Guide and instructional videos.  It contains five high level steps:

  1. Mechanical tool installation
  2. Pneumatic connection
  3. Soft Robotics Control Unit connection
  4. Software configuration in the Soft Robotics Control Unit
  5. Optimize demonstration for your operating environment

Model: SrDK



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