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Extra Large Payload Robots - 1,000 & 1,500 kg Payload - Kawasaki MG Robots

Kawasaki Robotics (USA), Inc.


~ The MG10HL/MG15HL model is a highly rigid, wide motion range robot with an ultra-high payload capacity of 1,000 or 1,500 kg ~

Kawasaki introduces the MG10HL robot to the North American market as a response to the growing need for the accurate handling of ultra-heavy goods such as car bodies and automotive floor pans, ship and aircraft parts, cast and forged metal products, as well as construction and other types of materials.  With a wide motion range of up to 4,005 mm in horizontal reach, a vertical stroke of 4,416 mm, and a payload of 1,000 kg, the MG10HL is the new addition to the heavy payload M Series robots, and the largest among Kawasaki robots.  For payloads exceeding the standard 1,000 kg payload limit, there is also a 1,500 kg option, the MG15HL, available.

Equipped with two large 5-kW motors in each of the first, second and third axes, the MG10HL delivers high torque and a huge payload capacity while ensuring motor compatibility with existing M Series models.  Kawasaki's innovative hybrid link mechanism combines the JT2 (arm out-in) parallel link and JT3 (arm up-down) serial link configurations to achieve a maximum payload capacity of 1,000 or 1,500 kg without the use of bulky and limiting counterweights, maximizing the robot's motion range and allowing for a compact footprint of 1.2 m by 1.3 m.  The hybrid link mechanism gives the robot the power to lift and manipulate heavy loads with great ease and high repeatability.

The second and third axes that affect motion accuracy use highly rigid ball screws with minimal backlash.  This reduces arm deflection while enabling high positioning accuracy.  The robot's unprecedented rigidity makes it ideal for taking on tasks that require resistance to strong reaction forces, such as riveting, drilling, machining and friction spot joining.  Kawasaki's MG10HL now offers an effective and flexible, as well as potentially cost saving, automation alternative for tight tolerance operations normally carried out using hard automation systems and machine tools.

The MG10HL robot's lightweight and compact design also maximizes layout flexibility, resulting in superior versatility that enables users to easily adapt it to different workpieces.

Kawasaki's original and patented robot design makes the MG10HL clearly stand out from the rest as an accurate and flexible automation solution for the handling of ultra-heavy payloads as well as high counterforce applications.

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Model: MG10HL, MG15HL (2 models)



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