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Screw Joints with Larger Nominal Width (Stainless Steel)

Eisele Connectors Inc.

The flow-optimized connections of EISELE LIQUIDLINE are preferably suitable for applications with closed fluid circuits and for use in aqueous, aggressive media. In areas where other materials reach their limits, the cooling water connections made of stainless steel are the first choice. The connections are made of stainless and acid-resistant steel AISI 316L (1.4404). Thanks to the use of FKM seals they are resistant to many substances. Stainless steel also resists pH values below 5, ammonia and very high nitrate and chloride concentrations in the cooling water. Due to EISELE’s patent-registered release sleeve, the assembly and disassembly of the tubes can be done easily, fast and without using any tools. This is a cost-saving method and ensures a flexible and reliable connection solution, even if the plug connectors are frequently used.

Range of application

  • Cooling water circuits with aluminum heat sinks or other aluminum components
  • Connections with high demands on the retention capacity
  • Connections with tube movements
  • Moveable systems with high dynamics
  • Strongly fluctuating pressures and pressure surges
  • Deionized water
  • Cleaning-intense environment

Service Conditions

  • Temperature range -4 to 248 °F (-20 to +120°C)
  • Working pressure range -14 to 232 psi (-0.95 to 16 bar), depending on the used tube
  • Acceptable media: liquids, air and other media
  • Suitable for vacuum
  • Full tube passage
  • Flow-rate optimized
  • Fast assembly
  • Disassembly without tube damage possible
  • Intuitive handling through touchable end stop
  • Closed position is visible from the outside
  • Thread with chambered O-Ring

Model: LIQUIDLINE-Series 4500



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