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ArcWorld 200

Yaskawa America, Inc.

The ArcWorld® 200 welding solution is designed to be versatile workhorses for small- to medium-sized parts or medium-volume production runs. These customizable models feature a dual-station design allowing for high robot utilization; the operator can load one workstation while the robot is servicing the other. Floorspace requirements are minimal, as they can occupy a typical single-station space.

The cell design allows tooling to be quickly changed. Each workstation can be tooled for different parts or can be used for sequential operations. Both workstations feature a simple, rugged, electrically driven barrier door with a two-second cycle time. The Functional Safety Unit (FSU) provides an additional layer of safeguarding between the two stations without switches or a safety PLC, reducing cost and complexity.

It can be configured with either a high-speed six-axis MA1440 or a seven-axis VA1400 II arc welding robot, which services both stations. A variety of weld packages are available.

The ArcWorld 200 is designed for workstations with stationary tooling or a tack table. Risers are provided to allow end users to place their own tooling in the workstation, and each station accommodates a work area of 600 mm x 1,300 mm.  



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