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EcoTrim Workcells

Yaskawa America, Inc.

EcoTrim™ is an economical pre-engineered solution for high-speed ultrasonic cutting, trimming, deburring and chamfering applications. The workcell’s patented ultrasonic cutting technology replaces waterjet, laser cutting, hard tooling and manual trimming or routing methods.

Ultrasonic cutting and trimming provides a cleaner cut on most materials and is ideal for a variety of non-metallic materials including plastics, film fiberglass-reinforced plastic and non-woven fabrics. The flexible EcoTrim workcell is adaptable to a variety of cutting methods: top layer only (kiss cuts), perforated line cutting and compression of foam or other thick materials.

EcoTrim is available in two standard models or as a custom turnkey solution configured to specific needs. EcoTrim 1000 features a single Motoman® MH24 robot with an ultrasonic cutting tool, which features built-in compliance to keep the blade tight against part fixtures for precise and repeatable cuts. Its high-speed servo turntable is available with multiple payload and tabletop options. This model is ideal for handling small- to medium-size parts, and is shipped with all equipment mounted to a single base for easy installation.

EcoTrim 6200 is a dual robot workcell that provides 360° access on long parts. This model features two MH24 robots, a space-saving RM2-755SL AC servo-driven headstock/tailstock and is available with an ultrasonic cutting tool or a hybrid tool. The hybrid tool combines the ultrasonic cutting tool (with or without compliance) and a high-speed router for heavier materials or hole cutting. It ships in two basic pieces for quick, easy setup.

Model: 1000, 6200



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