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AX-30 Turntable System

ASG, Division of Jergens, Inc.

Includes: Robot with Turntable, Integrated Auto Feed, Drive Tool, Frame, and Safety Light Curtain

The same robust features that are foundational to the AX-20, also reside in the AX-30; including steel base and Allen Bradley controls (unless specified otherwise). The AX-30 turntable system is designed for optimal efficiency. While the operator is loading the new components, the robot is simultaneously assembling the presented components via the turntable. This leads to almost zero downtime for the machine; providing peak throughput.

The AX-30 packaged components are:

  • Choice of Driver: ASG X-PAQ™ SD2500, X-PAQ™ EH2, or Fiam® driver
  • Choice of robot type
  • ASG Integrated Auto Feed screw feeding system with 1L or 3L bowl size
  • Indexing turntable: Choice of 2, 4, or more stations
  • Frame: Steel base and aluminum enclosure, sliding drawer for Auto Feed system
  • Controls: PLC, HMI, safety related devices (Standard controls package is Allen Bradley, other manufacturers available upon request. )

Model: AX-30



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