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NC Joining Systems

Kistler Group

Resource optimization thanks to integrated process monitoring

The integration of process monitoring has become a factor of increasing importance in industrial production. It is especially the field of press-fit and joining applications where the electromechanical NC joining systems made by Kistler tower head and shoulder above conventional systems: They play a significant role in the cutting of energy costs, the increase of system utilization and the overall boost in production efficiency.

For industries dependent on automated production the pro-duction, reducing energy costs is paramount to their ability to compete in the global marketplace. It is for this reason that a widening number of companies operating in the automotive and automotive supplier industry opt for the NC joining systems made by Kistler to lower the cost of their series production. A few of the key advantages that Kistler electromechanical systems offer over pneumatic or hydraulic processes include a dramatically higher level of efficiency, press-fit forces that can be set with perfect accuracy, and an exceptionally high level of repeatability.


  • Enhanced quality thanks to integrated process control
  • Traceable process results
  • Higher energy efficiency, translating to savings of up to 80 %
  • Lower operating costs
  • Global presence

Improved economic efficiency thanks to optimized system utilization
Offering a comprehensive range of cutting-edge joining systems for the force range of up to 300 kN – from compact standardized single modules to custom designs tailored to the customer's specific requirements – Kistler is setting new standards on the global market.

Regardless of whether they are used for transmission and engine assembly or for the assembly of wheel carrier, wheel set and chassis: The NC joining systems made by Kistler allow for high-precision control of all traversing movements performed during assembly and product inspection. Better still, the options to switch between the different measuring ranges of the NC joining systems and to easily switch between measuring programs make it possible to use the same machine for manufacturing a wide variety of different components. The systems thereby provide for a sustained increase in system utilization and economical operation over the long-term.

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