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The Wand

Southie Autonomy

Southie Autonomy is a startup, based at MassRobotics, building intelligent robot software that enables ANY industrial robot to be re-purposed and re-deployed by ANY person, without robotics expertise or even computer skills. Operators tell the robot what to do through augmented reality and the robot then programs itself via artificial intelligence.

Our powerful, patent-pending software removes the cumbersome requirements of meticulously designing work cells as well as tedious, expert-level robot programming (for perception, task, control, and motion), so businesses can quickly deploy and redeploy their robot processes (or workflows) in minutes not days. 

We help logistics and production workcells become more effective,  allowing robots to be told what to do, not how, saving time and money while providing flexibility, even automating tasks that were comonly done manually.

We do this through The Wand, our pointer-based interface that enables a novel interaction paradigm between humans and robots so any user has the flexibility to redeploy the robot for new tasks.

Ask how you can be part of our product pilot program.

Especially suited to short run or variable tasks in kitting, pick and place, depalettizing and non-vision inspection.



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