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Robotmaster (Hypertherm Inc.)

Robotmaster is the world’s leading robot programming software, developed for industrial manufacturers and designed for the process experts. It maximizes productivity by providing the most innovative task-based programming tools aligned to specific applications.

Robotmaster seamlessly integrates off-line programming, simulation and code generation to deliver quick, error-free robot programs while supporting most industrial robot brands.

Robotmaster software is ideally suited to programming robotic applications such as:

  • Cutting
  • Machining
  • Trimming
  • Welding
  • Polishing/Sanding
  • Dispensing
  • De-Burring
  • Paint/Spray Coating
  • Additive Manufacturing

Robotmaster’s Main Features:


  • All errors are visualized and mapped in a single screen and color-coded by type
  • Full set of all possible solutions is generated and ranked based on user-selected criteria
  • A few clicks in the error screen adjust the paths correcting all problems

Workspace Analysis:

  • Easy visualization of the task space required by all operations superimposed over the work cell boundaries
  • Click and drag to re-position and/or re-orient the workpiece with dynamic feedback showing the full impact of changes made on all operations

Transitions Manager:

  • Robotmaster automates the onerous task of moving the robot joint-by-joint to create safe transition paths
  • Automated and semi-automated interactive toolset to eliminate errors and collisions
  • Optimizes the robot posture and configuration automatically to successfully perform the next task

6-axis Contouring:

  • One-click contour identification and programming even on complex edges and for any CAD model
  • Easy contour editing capabilities, without requiring CAD/CAM skills
  • Ability to dynamically edit the path to change the tool position and orientation

External axis management:

  • Ability to index external axes and/or program them for fully coordinated motion
  • Combined, simultaneous coordination of external axes for ideal tool orientation



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