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Risk Assessment

Conversion Technology

Assessing risk has always played a vital role in the development and implementation of machinery, industrial robots, and CNC machines. With the rapidly evolving robot and CNC machinery applications comes a growing need, as well as an increase in regulatory requirements, to identify and understand the risks involved in working with these machines. Due to the passage and enforcement of regulations governing robots and CNC machines by RIA, OSHA, ANSI, ISO, etc., regardless of the safety equipment installed on robotic systems, a risk assessment for robots and CNC machines is mandatory.

CTI has extensive experience working with industrial robots and CNC machines, and is an industry leader in risk assessment techniques. CTI will evaluate the current robotic safety procedures, operations, and potential hazards in place and prepare a detailed report identifying robotic safety deficiencies, and specific recommendations for your facility to be in compliance with ANSI consensus standards and OSHA regulations. We are able to conduct a quantitative risk assessment that allows for an objective and pragmatic appraisal of the hazards associated with your robots and CNC machines.



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