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ArtiMinds Robot Programming Suite (RPS)

ArtiMinds Robotics GmbH

Are you dealing with robot applications like deburring, buffing, assembly, quality inspection or dispensing? Teaching complex robot paths may use up quite a lot of time of your machinists and robot programmers. Furthermore, applications with process variances need sensor-based robot motions, which previously could not be solved without profound programming skills.

Especially in today’s high mix, low volume settings, conventional programming leads to highly uneconomic robot use, where you may waste many thousands of dollars per year and robot.

ArtiMinds RPS (Robot Programming Suite) combines flexible and intuitive programming of industrial robots to create an easy-to-use environment for every user level. Thanks to the intuitive interface of ArtiMinds RPS, after a mere two day training even novice robot users are able to solve complex applications on their own from scratch.

The software supports a wide variety of robots, force-torque- and vision-sensors, as well as end-effectors. Sensor-adaptive robot motions are perfectly suited for electronic and mechanical assembly tasks, e.g. placing a RAM module on a mainboard, fitting a planetary gear into a motor or handling of non-rigid materials. Solve dispensing, gluing or deburring applications with our integrated CAD-to-path subsystem, which allows to extract edges from CAD-models and generate corresponding robot motions.

Use ArtiMinds RPS to empower your employees: Let machinists and robot programmers manage your robot installations efficiently, while building up personal experience and expertise that stays inside your company!

Experience ArtiMinds RPS and our new software product ArtiMinds LAR (Learning & Analytics for Robots) live at Automate 2019 in Chicago (Booth #6665) and leap towards the future of robot programming!

Program a Universal Robot UR5 by yourself, explore our new FANUC exhibit and get to know the opportunities of flexible automation with ArtiMinds as a partner!



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