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Active Sensitive Kit

FerRobotics Inc.

Surface cleaning, Body in white finish

The perfect finish in only one step: Spot and laser welding leaves spatter and smoke residue on the workpiece. Thanks to the force-controlled brushing operation of the ASK, even electrodeposition coating is preserved during treatment. The high-quality brushing result is the prerequisite for optimal paint quality in the final product. Fully-automated processing with the ASK delivers absolutely top results, making post-processing unnecessary.

Ideal for white car body and sheet metal processing
•    Replaces manual work
•    Makes the process safe
•    Easy integration
•    Compelling ROI

Extraordinary benefits
•    Highly automated process
•    100 % personnel-free
•    Top-class surface pattern
•    No postprocessing necessary
•    Considerable savings on consumables due to constant contact force
•    Quality control fully integrated

Application examples
•    Door entry
•    Water channel
•    Roof
•    Hood

Ordercode: ASK/SET
Brush Grinder with BUS system, drive, 
control, cables

Stroke: 35 mm
Force: 100 N
Max. disc diameter: 200 mm
Connection extraction: ø38 mm
Data in: Interbus LWL, ProfiNet LWL, DeviceNet, Ethernet IP, …
Compressed air: ø8 mm
Power supply: 380 – 500 V AC
Control voltage: 24 V DC
Supply embodiment: Full package including BUS system, drive, control, cables


Download Datasheet

Model: ASK/401



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