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Active Belt Grinder

FerRobotics Inc.

This innovative complete solution flexibly automates the reliable surface processing of small and medium-sized work pieces. The ABG is an active sensitive belt grinder that provides a custom solution for the automated high-quality finishing of fittings, spectacle frames, implants, door handles and small cast parts for the automotive industry, etc. The floor-standing unit can be easily integrated into a robot cell. Close problematic automation gaps while at the same time improving your product quality – and create processes that are reliable, economical and perfectly reproducible.

Surface finishing processes: Grinding, deburring, polishing
All materials: Steel, aluminum, titanium, magnesium, carbon, plastic, wood, ceramics, coconut fiber...

Passive safety and high-speed control 
Mechatronic actuator and sensor element offering 
high levels of process reliability thanks to the 
robust mechanical design plus integrated passive 
safety and high-speed control.

Force-sensitive actuator and mechanically decoupled belt tension
High level of process reliability thanks to the 
ingenious combination of mechatronic actuator/sensor element, lightweight design, and 
mechanically decoupled belt tension.  

Straightforward system integration and seamless quality control 
Amazingly easy to integrate using standard interfaces. 
The contact situation, position, and force are all fed back 
continuously, resulting in seamless quality control. 

Maximum flexibility and adaptability
Force can be increased in accordance with individual 
requirements, from 10 N up to a maximum capacity of 
250, 500 or 800 N. Maximum power plus individually 
selectable performance depending on the workpiece.

Highly dynamic 
•    Prevents sanding marks
•    Reduces the number of process steps
•    Ensures reproducible quality

Special benefits
•    In-built active tolerance compensation
•    Precisely adjustable process forces
•    Continuous monitoring of process forces


Max. force (push) [N] 35 mm
Stroke [mm] 100 N
Dimensions [mm] 200 mm
Dead weight [kg] ø38 mm
Power supply Interbus LWL, ProfiNet LWL, DeviceNet, Ethernet IP, …
Motor rated power [W] ø8 mm
Belt speed [m/s] 380 – 500 V AC
Air consumption [l/min]  24 V DC
Ambient temperature during operation [°C] Full package including BUS system, drive, control,
Communication Interface Standard: Ethernet TCP/IP
Optional: Ethernet IP, DeviceNet, Profibus, ProfiNet, Analog I/O

Model: ABG/01



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