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Active Contact Flange HD

FerRobotics Inc.

Our patented technology instantly automates jobs with a high demand for sensitivity and flexibility. It guarantees extremely short cycle times and radical economic ROI, even with delicate applications. The ACF automates problematic manual work and guarantees high standards of quality. It works with every robot. This even makes retrofitting unbelievably easy and persuasive.

Surface treatment: Sand, polish, clean, laminate, strip, brush, deburring, iron
All materials: Steel, aluminum, titanium, magnesium, carbon, plastic, wood, ceramic, coconut fibres…
Contact-sensitive handling: Pick & place, insert, join, pack, assembly, glue, component-testing, quality inspection

Defined contact force  
Interactive compensation for surface tolerances up to 100 mm with guaranteed consistent contact force. No adaptation of the robot tracks.

Integrated gravitation compensation   
The process force remains constant even with changing orientations. No additional application programming required.

Passive security and high-speed control 
Mechatronic actuator and sensor element with a high degree of process security using a robust mechanical construction with integrated assive safety and high-speed control.

Simple system integration – highest quality standards  
Cleverly simple integration using standard interfaces. The constant feedback on the contact situation, position and actual force smoothly performs the quality inspection.

•    Shorter payback time        
•    6 times higher load capacity
•    Larger removal rate         
•    Low weight


Produkt ACF/111/04HD
Max. force (push/pull) [N] 200
Stroke [mm] 35.5
Max. overturning moment [Nm] 250
Max. torsional moment [Nm] 250
Cross-section area  ø128
Max. height [mm] 236.5
Dead weight [kg] 3.5
Power supply Standard: DC 24 V / 2 A 
Optional service: 24 V / 4 A
Max. 7 bar, 30 µm, ISO 8573-1 Kl.3 (oil & waterfree)
Air consumption [l/min] 5 - 10
Ambient temperature 
during operation [C°]
+5 … +45
Protection class IP 65
Bolt circle ISO 9409-1
standard flange  [mm]
Communication interface Standard: Ethernet TCP/IP             
Optional: Ethernet IP, DeviceNet, Profibus, ProfiNet, CANopen, Analog I/O, Modbus TCP, Ethernet XML


Download Datasheet

Model: ACF/111/04HD



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