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Integrated Auto Feed System

ASG, Division of Jergens, Inc.

The ASG Auto Feed System is designed to increase production while decreasing cycle time and labor costs. This is accomplished through attributes that provide for speed, reliability, and use of maintenance. In regards to speed, the system is very swift, delivering a screw to the jaw set in less than half a second. Because of its simplistic design, the system is also reliable and consistent, providing for virtually jam-free operation. Finally, the system has multiple access panels that may be removed without tools, to provide for ease of maintenance. The ASG Integrated Auto Feed System consists of two main components – the vibratory bowl feeder and the fastening slide – as well as a customizable nose piece and jaw set. The auto feed system is capable of feeding and fastening various types of screws (metric, self-threading, self-tapping, etc.) with various types of head (countersunk, flat, oval, etc.) and various types of imprint (slotted, cross-slotted, etc.). This system is designed to be integrated into assembly systems and robots. 



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