The ESD line of robots is designed to prevent ElectroStatic Discharges and comes in 4-axis versions in various sizes with reaches ranging from 460 to 1,000 mm. These high performance robots deliver the perfect level of speed, precision and reliability for handling electronic components.

Advantages of the TS2-60 ESD

ESD compliance guaranteed

ESD compliance guaranteed by 3 specific tests

  • surface resistivity
  • residual charges
  • dissipation and transversal conductivity

10 test points covering every arm’s element

ESD symbol

Minimize part failures and rework costs

Ensure that all accessible elements are dissipative to eliminate ESD risks in production. Specific ESD compliant paint

TS2-60 SCARA ESD robot transversal conductivity

Safely handle sensitive devices

Each arm link connected to ground, transversal conductivity

SCARA TS2 ESD robots attachment methods

Flexible integration on the production line

For greater flexibility, Stäubli robots have multiple mounting configurations (floor or ceiling) to make it easier to integrate the robot into the production chain.

Optimum cleanliness, arm motion freedom and production reliability

  • All cables and pipes routed through the arm removing obstacles from the work area
  • Enclosed structure

Optimum use of the work area

  • Less floorspace needed
  • Large work envelope

Eliminating complex cable management

  • Connections directly on the robot forearm thanks to integrated electrical and Ethernet cables

Work in difficult environments

  • Vertical cable outlet, complete protection of connections
  • Specific joints

Precise trajectory performance

  • Increased part quality
  • Reduced rework costs
  • Rigid structure

High precision, long life time and reduced maintenance

  • JCS gearbox designed by Stäubli


  • UL, CE, KCS