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Ethernet Couplers & Controllers

WAGO Corporation

WAGO expands our portfolio of controllers and couplers with the fourth generation of Ethernet/IP based devices. With programmable Ethernet controllers, users can enhance machine or process performance and speed up system development, all while reducing costs in their setup. Different industrial protocols provide gateways between systems.

All of the new devices have an onboard web based management tool, allowing for easy configuration with standard web browsers.

750-363: This Ethernet/IP Adapter coupler offers advanced operations, including fast boot up time and larger power wiring connectors for wires up to 12 AWG. This new coupler can be paired with WAGO’s 500+ I/O modules to meet the needs of any I/O application. Dual 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet ports enable the network cables to be wired in a line topology, eliminating the need for additional devices such as Ethernet switches or hubs. The device supports a wide variety of protocols including HTTP(S), BootP, DNS, SNMP and FTP(S).

Two new Ethernet/IP PLC controllers enable users to select the best device for their application. These new 4th generation PLCs utilize WAGO’s I/O-PRO Codesys version 2.3 software for programming and web visualization development, providing users with a familiar and proven programming environment. 

750-823: This ECOnomy PLC controller is ideal for simple control applications. The controller can easily be configured using the onboard Web-based management system. 

750-893: This full feature PLC controller has two switched Ethernet ports, DIP switches for IP address configuration and an onboard SD card slot for data storage. Its built-in web server can be used for configuration via Web-based Management and supports web visualizations. This controller is certified for hazardous and marine locations.



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