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PHD, Inc.

PHD Pneu-Connect® is a cost-effective system providing seamless pneumatic end-effector integration for Universal Robots. Pneu-Connect® features embedded directional control valves for control of an end-effector through the robot’s tool port. The system easily attaches to the robot arm and is intuitively operated from the Universal Robot interface via the Pneu-Connect® URCap software package. Five models of PHD pneumatic grippers are currently offered as single gripper solutions. The new X2 kits offer two grippers for maximum automation efficiency providing for a wide variety of applications. Additionally, an analog sensor choice is now available for the Series GRH kits. The analog sensor provides jaw position feedback for increased programming functionality.

Advantages: The power density of pneumatics allows for a superior performance to weight ratio when compared to some electric alternatives. This inherent property allows for lighter, non-payload robbing end-effectors, ideal for robotic applications. Additionally, when properly controlled, the compressibility of air provides intrinsically safe, back-drivable actuation capability.

Software: The Pneu-Connect URCap and included pre-made programs work best when all files are placed on the drive directly, without being contained within a folder.

  • Seamless, cost-effective, end-effector integration with incorporated MAC® valves and control board for collaborative robots
  • Updated URCap software is included for intuitive, easy setup
  • Five popular PHD pneumatic gripper models for a wide variety of applications
  • GRH Gripper kits now offer analog sensors providing jaw position feedback throughout jaw travel
  • Pneu-Connect X2 kits provide for two grippers and feature the Freedrive button that interfaces with the UR for easy position programming



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