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AR3120 Arc Welding Robot

Yaskawa America, Inc.

The extra-long reach, six-axis AR3120 robot offers precise high-speed performance to boost productivity for arc welding applications. Ideal for large parts, such as automotive frames and agricultural machinery, this robot has increased payload and axis speeds, optimizing throughput and quality. The AR3120 features a streamlined design for reduced interference and a slim profile for high-density robot placement. An expanded wrist range increases application flexibility, and a symmetric wrist profile with a generous range provides equal torch access to both sides of a part. A 50 mm thru-hole for torch cabling, hoses and sensor wires minimizes cable interference and wear.

The AR3120 robot has a 3,124 mm horizontal reach, 5,622 mm vertical reach and ±0.06 mm repeatability. Its integrated through-the-arm torch cabling eliminates cable interference, simplifies programming and reduces cable wear. Its 12 kg payload allows motorized torches and cameras to be mounted on the wrist for welding applications.



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