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qb SoftHand Industry


qb SoftHand Industry is a new advanced anthropomorphic robotic hand based on soft-robotics technology and designed by qbrobotics for industrial tasks, which complies to the standards and certifications of industrial and collaborative robotics and is compatible with the main robots and cobots on the market.

qb SoftHand Industry is the first Anthropomorphic Robotic Hand designed specifically for industrial applications and tasks, which is certified as “collaborative gripper”. It is entirely collaborative from a Hardware point of view, indeed the materials used, and the flexibility of the system allow the Hand to be safe and harmless in any situation of accidental impact.
The actuation system is tendon-driven and features a single motor to open and close the 5 fingers together while replicating the first synergy of the human hand movement in a flexible and adaptable grasp.

Moreover, the new qb SoftHand Industry offers a plug-and-play robot-hand integration, due to its ease of use and control, and can be used whenever is required to replicate the grasping movements of a human hand. The list of tasks that can be tackled by a system integrating the qb SoftHand Industry include:

  • testing
  • quality inspection
  • picking
  • complex handling
  • assembly



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