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ResinDek Flooring for AGV and AMR Traffic

Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products

Choosing the Right Flooring Product Ensures Optimal Performance for Robotic Traffic

AGVs follow a fixed path and have robots that read stickers or marks on the floor while carrying payloads in excess of 1,000 lbs. AMRs use horizontal sensors or lasers to determine the best pathway while carrying payloads less than 500 lbs. ResinDek® flooring panels are custom manufactured with engineering processes which enhance the functionality, durability and life of the floor. Premium materials and unsurpassed manufacturing methods ensure that every ResinDek floor panel with either the TriGard® or MetaGard® finish will endure the millions of cycles of consistent, repeated travel patterns associated with AGVs and AMRs. ResinDek panels have the proven structural integrity to support static and dynamic rolling loads ranging from 2,000 to 8,000 lbs.

The durability and condition of the floor are important considerations for the optimal performance of AGVs and AMRs. Worn or uneven surfaces can disrupt the functioning of the vehicle’s laser-based navigation sensors, slowing down its rate of travel. ResinDek panels ensure a perfectly smooth, level flooring surface that does not impair a robot’s navigation or slow its movement. 

The finish of the floor is also an important consideration. Gloss, texture and wear can all effect the ability of the robot to run at optimal levels. ResinDek with TriGard and MetaGard have been extensively tested with robotics for coefficient of friction, wear resistance and light reflectivity in accordance with ANSI D1371 (dynamic coefficient of friction), ASTM D4060 (abrasion resistance), and ASTM D523 (specular gloss).

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