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ResinDek with MetaGard

Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products

ResinDek® with MetaGard® - Steel Flooring with Iron Clad Protection

ResinDek with MetaGard flooring panels combine the structural integrity of a ResinDek panel along with the strength and durability of a steel wearing surface. The MetaGard steel surface is fused to the ResinDek panel with a proprietary bonding agent and features an edge that encapsulates the perimeter of the panel. This creates a floor that will not delaminate, has superior physical properties, is level for rolling loads, and has no sharp edges that could cut or snag objects passing over it.

ResinDek with MetaGard is engineered for extreme wear. In testing, ResinDek with MetaGard has been shown to be 5x more abrasion resistant than concrete in heavily trafficked areas where dirt and debris are not routinely removed, such as 24/7 operations that may be quarantined from employees. ResinDek with MetaGard has been proven to withstand more than 2 million annual pivoting passes generated when AGVs change direction. ResinDek with MetaGard have been extensively tested with robotics for coefficient of friction, wear resistance and light reflectivity in accordance with ANSI D1371 (dynamic coefficient of friction), ASTM D4060 (abrasion resistance), and ASTM D523 (specular gloss).

ResinDek panels have proven structural integrity that supports static and dynamic rolling loads from 2,000 – 8,000 lbs. In addition, ResinDek flooring panels have been independently evaluated and approved for use in Types I-V construction as part of a fire-resistance rated assembly by the IAPMO Uniform Evaluation Services. ResinDek flooring panels are backed by a 10-year product warranty.

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