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ResinDek Flooring Compared to Concrete for Elevated Platforms

Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products

Advantages of ResinDek® Floor Panels Compared to Elevated Concrete Floors

Cost Savings

  • ResinDek panels are 85 - 90% lighter than concrete which al-lows for less steel in the support structure and reduced footings.
  • Platforms using ResinDek can be designed with an allowable de-flection limit of L/240, whereas concrete’s allowable deflection is limited to L/360: this reduces the amount of steel required in the support structure.
  • The material cost per square foot for ResinDek is less than that of concrete.

Speed of Construction

  • ResinDek is supplied with a factory finish, concrete needs time to cure.

Flat Level Surface

  • ResinDek floors provide a consistent finish in floor flatness, levelness, and surface roughness. Unlike concrete, ResinDek does not require large expansion joints.

Low Maintenance

  • ResinDek panels do not produce dust, require sealing or crack like concrete. In addition, individual panels can be removed without having to refinish an entire floor.

10-Year Product Warranty

  • All ResinDek panels are backed by a 10-year product warranty. In addition to our standard structural warranty, the MetaGard® finish is warranted for 10 years as well.


ResinDek Hybrid Solution

ResinDek with MetaGard is engineered to provide a smooth panel to panel transition when installed next to other ResinDek panels that do not have a steel surface. This creates a cost-efficient flooring solution. For robotic applications it allows for increase wear performance in areas that have 24/7 dirt and debris that is not routinely cleaned.

Cornerstone understands that robotic flooring needs can be complex, and there may be a variety of demands within a single project. Therefore, we offer a multitude of ResinDek flooring options. We can provide a hybrid solution that is customized for load capacities, required finish type, and volume of robotics traffic. The optimization of all these criteria provides an extremely cost-effective solution that is tailored to meet your needs on a project by project basis.



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