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M-DRIVE ML1000 Product Line

Motus Labs

Motus M-DRIVE technology offers much higher torque density than strain wave or cycloidal gearing resulting in faster robot speeds, longer reach, and higher reliability. The patented design utilizes a series of cam-driven blocks that engage over 80% of the output ring surface area at all times. This design distributes load stresses over a much larger surface area, permitting the Motus transmission mechanism to deliver much greater torque per unit size and volume than is available with other technologies.

The ML 1000-17-90 is the smallest size in the ML1000 family, offering twice the torque density of competing strain wave gearing. Additional sizes include 20, 25, 32, 40.

The ML 1000-17-90 offers twice the torque density of competing strain wave gearing:

  • Aluminum/steel construction
  • Zero backlash
  • 90:1 gear ratio
  • 45 Nm rated torque, 90 Nm repeated peak torque
  • 770 g mass
  • 64.3 mm x 86 mm, Size 17 form factor, with 10 mm hollow shaft

Model: ML1000 -17-90



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