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Industrial-grade Standalone Intelligent Supercapacitor-based Uninterruptible Power Backup Module

CoastIPC, Inc.

Key Features:

  • Universal industrial-grade standalone SuperCaps UPS power backup module, compatible with all box-PCs
  • Supercapacitor-based, -25°C to 65°C wide temperature operation
  • 9250 watt-second energy capacity 
  • Maximum 180W output power for the connected back-end system
  • Over 10 years lifespan, and 500,000 charging/ discharging cycles
  • Patented CAP energy management technology*
  • Versatile operating mode
  • Normal backup mode
  • Ignition control mode for standard box-PC and in-vehicle controller
  • Daisy Chain Mode (PB-9250J-SA Only)
  • EN50155 certificate

*R.O.C Patent No. I598820

Download Datasheet

PB-9250J-SA and PB-4600J-SA are standalone power backup modules that can protect your box-PC against power outages. Utilizing state-of-the-art supercapacitor technology, it can operate in harsh environments from -25 to 65°C and has an extremely high durability of over 10 years. 

PB-9250J/ 4600J are composed of eight/ four 370F/ 3.0V supercapacitors respectively and offer much longer lifespan than its 2.7V counterpart. It stores 9250/4600 watt-second energy to offer extra extended operation time to backup your system. Thanks to Neousys’ patented CAP energy management technology, it can reliably supply up to 180W power to the back-end system and automatically manage boot and shutdown without installing additional drivers/ software. In addition to UPS-like power backup mode, it also offers two advanced ignition control modes for working with either standard box-PC or in-vehicle controller to provide stable power supply and execute user-configurable power-on/ power-off delay according to IGN signal input.

Featuring various modes, automatic shutdown control and up to 180W output power, Neousys standalone power backup modules can work with most off-the-shelf box-PCs. And with properties such as maintenance-free energy storage and uninterruptible power supply, they can prevent data loss for the connected back-end system during power outages in harsh industrial environments!

Model: PB-9250J-SA



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