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Mechavision Inc.(Touché Solutions)

Touché Solutions is the world's only robot tactile solution provider, developed advanced tactile sensing technology, invented safety-series, and teaching-series tactile products that apply in industrial robots.

At present, Touché Solutions has cooperated with leading international robotic manufacturers and successfully introduced to electronics, semiconductors, and various automation manufacturers. Our customers have spread throughout Eurasia, which implies the new products comply with international standards and have unanimous support.

The "T-Skin" in the safety series is a high-performance touch-stop system suitable for any industrial application. This product obtained the European Union CE certification in April 2020, conforms to ISO13856-3, ISO13849-1 standard certification, possess with high-end industrial safety requirements - redundancy design and superior performance- the failure rate of only one-millionth per hour. Both product safety and functional safety allow users to have the safest and most assured protect.

After the risk assessment, the fast installation feature turns any industrial robots has a collaborative function immediately, and not only improves the safety and maximize the efficiency of the industrial robot. Therefore, the operation of production lines doesn't need to stand still. Moreover, no need to compromise for speed and running accuracy.

After possessing this advanced security system, the fence can be further removed through risk assessment, and space can effectively use to become an advanced smart safety factory with high efficiency and high productivity.

Launched in 2018, the safety product for the end of the tool, "T-Skin Pad Module," using the modular design of the T-skin, allows users to quickly expand different size combinations according to the end fixture of the robot, becoming the most convenient and welcome upgrade. "T-Skin Pad Module" dramatically reduces the occurrence of industrial safety accidents and protect precious human resources in the factory area.



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