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Applied Robotics: Epsilon™ Automatic Tool Changer Family

MJM Sales, Inc. / RAM Solutions, Inc.

The Epsilon Tool Changer Line provides a strong and reliable method for a manipulator (i.e., a robot) to quickly change between different tools/end-effectors.  With Applied Roboticsm Inc.'s modular design, the Epsilon offers the maximum flexibility for any application. 

A breakthrough in the evolution of tool changers, with a lifetime locking mechanism
as secure at 5 million cycles as it is at the first.

Superior Features for Today’s Production Environments
The locking mechanism as secure at 5 million cycles as the first cycle 
Positive retract 
Improved size to payload ratio 
Minimal maintenance  Couple/uncouple sensing available on all units
Direct bolt to ISO 9409-1 patterns 
Supports all popular communication protocols
Noise Emissions <70 dB(A) 
Flexible mounting options support customized utilities
Lifetime warranty on coupling mechanism parts

Epsilon™ the best-engineered tool changers are now even better

AUTOMATIC TOOL CHANGERS RESIDE BETWEEN A ROBOTIC ARM AND ITS TOOLING allowing the robot to change tools and support utilities on the fly, with no work stoppage. Our connection productivity is designed to improve and quicken any process requiring frequent connection /disconnection of tooling and support utilities - automatically.  When it comes to robotics, maximizing uptime is critical.  Rely on the safety and reassurance of a positive locking cam that "wears in" and maintains strength over time.

A tool changer increases productivity. The new Epsilon™ incorporates the advantages of three previous generations of Applied Robotics, Inc. tool changers with enhancements for today’s faster and stronger robots.

Higher-strength materials improve size to payload ratio 
Minimal required maintenance provides a low cost of ownership 
Direct bolt to ISO 9409-1 patterns limit the need for robot adaptor plates 
Couple/uncouple sensing available on all models 
Optional tool present sensing 
Compatible with existing utility modules from Applied Robotics 
Many units share spare parts for reduced stock requirements 
Best-in-class locking mechanism with self-centering cams 
Mechanical locking feature ensures robot and tool remain connected under a loss of power or air pressure



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