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Spatial Vision Robotics

Universal Logic

Universal Robotics® 3D vision guidance software, Spatial Vision® Robotics, is the fastest and most flexible product of its kind on the market. It works with every major brand of sensor, camera and robot, so it can be tailored to your application. When uniquely combined with Universal Robotics Neocortex® machine learning, thousands of SKU’s can be added effortlessly. And it is affordable – complete software & hardware systems with Universal configuration start at $25,000.

The Spatial Vision Robotics (SVR) product delivers true 3D object recognition and machine vision guidance. It locates objects, boxes, cases, and parts and provides 3D position (X,Y,Z) and pose (Yaw, Pitch, Roll) for real-time guidance of robots and machines. Spatial Vision Robotics leverages a wide range of 2D, 2½D, and 3D sensing - such as single cameras, multiple cameras, structured light, lasers, time-of-flight, and infrared. It has software resolution accuracy up to 1/20 of a pixel, Spatial Vision provides excellent intrinsic sensor calibration and extrinsic robot calibration. Communication to PLCs, robots, and other devices is via Ethernet-based protocols. 

Universal Robotics is an artificial intelligence software company that uses sensor input to enable machines to see, react, and learn with human-like flexibility.  Universal integrates 3D sensing, machine learning, and robotics through a highly adaptable software platform, which works with any machine and any sensor.  The platform consists of modules that are grouped into products: intelligence (Neocortex), 3D sensing (Spatial Vision), and machine control (Autonomy). These products integrate into complete applications or function independently for implementation by Universal, integrators or end users.   

Model: U2155A



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