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Series ESU Electric Belt-Driven Base Slide

PHD, Inc.

The Series ESU Electric Belt-Driven Base Slides feature a robust, enclosed design with a high capacity rail bearing system delivering exceptional moment and load capability. Available in three sizes, with travels lengths up to 5,500 mm and speeds to 5,000 mm/s, these electric base slides can be combined to create virtually any system to meet Cartesian robot needs. The flexibility of PHD’s Your Motor, Your Way program gives design engineers the freedom to use familiar motors and controls. What’s more, complete solutions are available with the Kollmorgen motor installed by PHD.Other benefits include HTD8 steel reinforced polyurethane belt for improved performance; magnetically secured stainless steel sealing band providing IP54 ingress protection; and dual saddle option that doubles the load capacity and increases pitch and yaw moment capacities. These capabilities establish the Series ESU Slides as the optimal solution for the most demanding automation applications. For more information, visit our website.



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