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ATI AOV-10 Axially-Compliant Orbital Sander

ATI Industrial Automation

The ATI AOV-10 Axially-Compliant Orbital Sander is the optimal robotic solution for surface preparation and finishing. The pneumatically-actuated compliance mechanism exhibits dynamic control of contact forces which ensures an ideal result every time. Adjustable compliance force accommodates an assortment of applications. The compact and lightweight design of the AOV-10 suits an array of robot sizes and types, from cobots to industrial models. Users can attach the AOV-10 directly to their robot or to a fixture in any orientation, including upside down. Manual operations pose undesirable conditions to the skilled operator and create inefficient process variations like uneven finishing or other quality issues; automation with a robot and ATI’s Axially-Compliant Orbital Sander surmounts this. The affordability and unparalleled versatility of the AOV-10 Sander advances automation efficiency with high quality outcomes while decreasing costs and eliminating operator safety, making it a unique solution for robotic automation needs.



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