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Robotics & Automation Testing

Intertek Group plc.

From collaborative robots in the automotive industry, to autonomous mobile storage for the retail industry, to robotic personal assistants in your day-to-day activities, Intertek supports the robotic industry across the new industrial revolution.

Working together with robot manufacturers, we deliver extensive risk assessment and compliance evaluations to ensure that standalone robots, or robotics as part of an overall automated system, comply with global safety and performance standards.

Evaluation of robotic products consider multiple aspects and features such as electrical and mechanical safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), electromagnetic interference (EMI), battery testing, functional safety, cyber security, field evaluation and inspection, and the broad range of regional and country-specific directives and requirements. Different requirements will apply depending upon the product’s characteristics and application.

Our services span a range of industries and applications:

  • Industrial robots
  • Collaborative robots
  • Personal care robots
  • Domestic robots
  • AGVs and AMR
  • Medical robots

Intertek is a leading robotics service provider across our 1000 global locations. Our analytical and compliance expertise uniquely quality us to guide your robotic products through product development and launch to global markets. Contact Intertek today to discuss a bespoke evaluation and compliance plan for your products.



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