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Members: Featured Article Submission Provides Publicity, Online Ads Stimulate 2013 Sales Growth

Take Advantage of Your Membership Benefits…
No-Cost Postings & Robotics Online Offers Provide Sales Growth Opportunities

Free Featured Article Postings Provide Business Opportunities; Online Ads Spur Sales Growth

As a member of RIA, you can take advantage of one of your membership benefits: Free Feature Article postings on Robotics Online website and the e-Newsletter. The 2013 Robotics Online Editorial Calendar presents a tremendous opportunity for your company to gain some no-cost visibility by authoring a Featured Article*.


And have you considered advertising on the Robotics Online website? It’s the perfect companion to reinforce your company’s commitment to robotics. Run in conjunction with your article posting, or place in any month of your choice. There is an advertisement or ad package to suit your company’s needs and budget. For “Best… Members-Only” pricing and special offers, click Member Login (select “Purchase Advertising”).

Download and discover the full range of online advertising opportunities, statistics, ordering information and more: 2013 Robotics Online Advertising Kit

*For complete Featured Article submission details, view Author Guidelines.

#1 Web Portal, Plus Robotics Industry Monthly; a High-impact Dual

Robotics Online is the industry's #1 Web portal, with 295,667 visitors in 2011/2012. And the monthly Robotics Online e-Newsletter is currently sent to some 20,000 subscribers. This “dynamic-dual” website and e-Newsletter combo delivers hi-impact publicity for your company, exposing you to new clients that you otherwise might not have met.

More Visibility for Your Company!

Can your company commit to writing a Feature Article on one of the topics listed in the Editorial Calendar? An outstanding no-cost vehicle for additional exposure.

Featured Article abstracts, drafts, completed articles, ideas and suggestions for authors can be submitted for consideration anytime, but best scheduling availability is now! Submit to Jim Adams at jadams@robotics.org or call 734/994-6088.

Featured Articles are non-commercial in tone, with the presentation being educational and informative, providing you with that subtle sales approach that is well received. Popular article formats include: Guides, steps to follow, pitfalls to avoid, “how-to” and top-five or ten themes. A Feature Article can even be written in a Q&A format derived from an interview with your company executive.

Don’t Forget Other Free Postings Too!

With all the exciting topics and coverage planned for 2013, now is the time to start posting related content on Robotics Online so it is not missed by our avid visitors and readers. To post case studies, news, tech papers, editorial, products, services and videos, click Member Login.



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