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More Reasons to Use RIA Training Now!

  • Safety First - RIA In-House Safety TrainingRIA instructors can currently accommodate you: Don’t be disappointed by potential scheduling delays that may result from waiting.
  • Custom seminars: Courses can be created to meet your unique requirements or specific training components/topics can be addressed during training. 
  • Attendees receive: A copy of the draft ANSI/RIA R15.06 Robot Safety Standard (2012), plus seminar-specific materials.
  • Preparation: RIA Risk Assessment training seminar attendees will be prepared to perform an assessment on your shop or plant floor upon completion of the course.
  • Quality: Training is conducted by the not-for-profit RIA, an impartial, non-commercial, proven source for training with more than 38 years of experience and dozens of safety training seminars conducted. 

The following companies have put their trust in RIA In-house Safety Training, and you can do so too: 

-AGC Automotive Americas
-BWXT (Babcock & Wilcox)
-C.F. Martin (Guitar) Company
-Caterpillar, Inc.
-Clow Valve
-Cooper Standard
-Corning Inc.
-Dell Computer
-Dürr Systems, Inc.
-Emmerson Climate Technologies, Inc.
-Evergreen Solar
-FlexLink Systems, Inc.
-Ford Motor Company
-GE-Aircraft Engine

-Invacare Corporation
-John Deere
-Lasco Bathware
-M&H Valve Company
-Philip Morris
-Pollard Banknote Limited
-Sage Automation
-Sub Zero
-Tower Automotive
-Weyerhaeuser, Inc.
-Worthington Industries
-YSK Corporation

More In-House Training Information

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