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Biennial Integrator Re-Certification Information

Continuous Organization/Infrastructure Compliance Requirements:

Participating integrator will need to contact the RIA and schedule for re-certification at the end of the 2 year period. The cost for re-certification will remain the same unless price structure changes. In the event of cost change, the integrator will be notified by the RIA.

Re-certification will require the integrator to complete the RIA“Self Score Card”. Once received by the RIA auditor, he/she can verify whether or not there have been any major changes to the integrator’s infrastructure that would negatively impact compliance to the program. An on-site visit is required for the auditor to review in personnel and infrastructure. If there are no major changes in personnel and infrastructure the auditor will require no additional documentation. However, the auditor may request that the integrator supply further documentation to any changes in question. This method will be determined on a case by case basis.

In the event there are major changes in the integrator’s personnel and or business infrastructure affecting program compliance; the RIA auditor will require that the integrator schedule an exam re-take and on-site audit. It is important to maintain the (2:1) staff ratio, consisting of (2) certified robotic Technologists and (1) certified expert Technologist for program compliance. During this time, the integrator must first supply all data and evidence for both the RIA “Self Score Card” and the “Certified Expert Response” card. However, should the integrator desire to add RIA Certified Robot Technician’s to its staff, this is the perfect time to schedule their exams.

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