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Integrator Certification Exam Overview

Hands-on Exam - Overview: (4 Hours or less)

The hands-on portion of the exam will be conducted in the Integrator’s manufacturing or training area where a robot may be easily and safely accessed. The RIA exam proctor will ask each candidate to perform a variety of pre-determined objectives/tasks on separate robots if available. The proctor will observe the candidate performing the tasks as well as determine if the candidate is following proper procedures. The hands-on exam is worth 100 points.

There are three parts to the on-site exam:

  • Hands-On Task Section  20 questions plus four (4) personal bio questions
  • Expert Response Section  5 specific questions, related to work experience
  • On-site audit of business infrastructure per the completed “Self Score Card”

The Certified Robotic Technologist level requires the completion of the hands-on section with a passing score >70%. The Certified Expert Robotic Technologist level requires the completion of both the hands-on and the five (5) expert response questions with a passing score of >90%.

It is important to maintain the minimum requirement (2:1) staff ratio, consisting of two (2) Certified Robotic Technologists and one (1) Certified Expert Technologist for program compliance. During this time, the integrator must first supply all data and evidence for both the RIA “Self Score Card” and the “Certified Expert Response” card before any exam and audit are scheduled. However, you may test as many candidates as you wish.

Exam - Allowable Resources:

This is an “open resource” exam. Candidates are allowed and encouraged to use any of the following reference materials to complete this exam to the best of their ability:

  • Robot product documentation to include any maintenance, service, software setup and operations
  • Student guide
  • Personal notes
  • Any general reference documentation
  • Any tools or equipment
  • Internet

Hands-On Exam - Helpful Hints:

1. The candidate will have to perform complete controller software loads to the equipment, etc. All required materials and or equipment to perform the task(s) must be supplied and used by the candidate.

2. Candidates should be able to:
a. Demonstrate safe work procedures
c. Read and interpret robot manufacturer manuals
d. Demonstrate set-up of robot, verify mastering, I/O, tool center points, work envelope, tooling and peripheral safety equipment
e. Program a simple pick-and-place routine, and optimize for quick cycle time
f. Program a simple path routine tracing a marked path, and optimize for quick cycle time

Expert Response Section - Helpful Hints:

1. Candidates will answer questions based on their industry work experience


RIA Integrator Preparation and Support:

1. Provide day long access to a classroom or quiet office area of suitable size for the candidates to take the exams and allow test proctor a place to score exams. If the candidate needs access to web sites, then the selected room should have PC/network/internet accessibility.

2. Each candidate will be examined individually. All robots used for the exams must be secured properly.

3. Provide at least one (1) sturdy metal table for each robot being used for the exam(s). The preferred size of the table is approximately 24”L x 24”W x 36”H or larger. The table should not be bolted to the floor.

4. Suitable temporary safety guarding should be in use for each robot used in the exam(s).

5. Allow quick access to any tools a candidate might need to perform given tasks.

6. Plan on the candidates not being available for normal work duties during the entire length of the exam, except for momentary breaks. Service/Integration demands, except for extreme situations, should be scheduled to other employees for the day or rescheduled for after the exam.  Also, the candidate should plan on remaining at the end of the exam to discuss any scoring issues and receive their results.

Post Exam:

The RIA proctor will remain on-site at the completion of the exam(s) and complete the scoring.  Any tasks missed will be discussed to confirm answers.  Candidates will be given their scores confidentially, and company management will be provided a score summary.  A detailed score sheet for each candidate with comments and recommendations will be provided to the company management a few days later along with any certificates earned.

Certification Appeals Process:

1. In the event the participating integrator does not pass the exam requirements, they can exercise a 30 day appeal for any score greater than 50% and will be given the opportunity to rectify their status.

2. Any scores below 50%, requires a six (6) month appeal process. This stage will require an on-site audit and exam to be administered. (standard certification  program fees apply).

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