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National Robotics Week Webinars from RIA

Celebrate National Robotics Week by attending these webinars from RIA

Career Opportunities in Robotics

Career Opportunities in RoboticsApril 10, 2012 - Noon to 1 PM

Find out how to advance a career where engineering meets robotics, including business, military and consumer applications. Robotic Industries Association members comprise a panel that addresses career options from university and research work to cutting edge applications in industry and beyond. Engineers, faculty and others interested in engineering career development will discover exciting robotic opportunities in education and research, industry, simulation and emerging mobile applications presented during this webinar.

Fundamentals of Industrial Robotics: Factory Solutions

Fundamentals of Industrial Robotics: Factory SolutionsApril 12, 2012 - Noon to 1 PM

Learn about different kinds of robots, their design and component makeup, basic safety considerations and integration methodologies. See movies of factory solutions in action (e.g., in automotive settings, packaging warehouses, and semiconductor manufacturing facilities.) These and a variety of other industrial markets and robot solutions within them are examined along with key technologies that enable them.

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