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Motion Controls Robotics - Certified Robot Integrator

Motion Control Robotics Interview

  1. What is your vision for the company?
    Scott Lang, President, Motion Control RoboticsMotion Controls Robotics is a customer-centric company with integrity;  we say what we will do and then we do it.  We have empowered employees working in a satisfying, productive environment.  Our goal on every project is to solve demanding packaging, palletizing and material handling challenges in a manner that is profitable for MCRI and our customers.

  2. Why did you decide to become RIA certified?
    RIA Certification is a constant reminder for our own employees that we need to meet demanding industry requirements in order to be the best possible Integration Partner for our customers. 

    It is also a means to establish robotic industry qualification and performance standards that protect potential clients and help ensure profitability and long term success for robotic integrators who are truly qualified to supply industrial robotic automation.

  3. Give an example of a challenging application your company developed.
    MCRI developed a centralized unitizing (palletizing without a pallet) system for a large food packaging company in Central Ohio that has set the standard for high speed, high SKU count, high traceability, high uptime centralized palletizing for plant wide production.  It includes leading edge technology such as blue tooth input/output interface to the robots end of arm tools, high speed RTU (rail transfer unit) seventh axis control of robot position along a rail, plant wide networked I/O for conveyor controls, and close integration with the customer's corporate wide plant floor database.  High volume case sortation Four line palletizing cell with robot on a rail to give the robot increased range of motion.conveyor feeds the front end of the system.  MCRI utilized a front end operator interface for the unitizing robots that is an extension to FANUC PalletTool, giving the customer even greater control over the unit load building operation.  Use of FANUC Karel software for the most demanding machine level operations is included in the project.

    In other demanding robotic applications, MCRI has done the following:
    • Configured FANUC's PickTool and iR Vision software to balance robot loading in a plastic bottle descrambling application
    • Used vision identification to ID and process ceramic cooktops in an application with hundreds of different SKUs
    • Configured iR Vision and Cognex vision hardware and software for applications that a number of other robotic integrators unsuccessfully tried to reliably make work
    • Installed and has ongoing contracts for case packing systems capable of packing 800+ foil covered dip cups per minute - with a single robot

      For the most physically demanding projects, MCRI has installed and has ongoing contracts for three separate projects with the King of Robots, the FANUC M2000.  No other North American integrator has applied this many of these large robots.
  4. What are some of the best practices your company follows?Motion Control Robotics - Certified Robot Integrator
    MCRI is focused on Lean Manufacturing - we reduce waste wherever possible, right down to factory lighting that turns on automatically, only when workers/people are present. 

    We have a flat organizational structure with hands-on senior management who get involved with daily ongoing projects within the company.  We have a culture where employees are encouraged to solve challenges at the lowest possible level to allow management to focus on strategic issues.  Our employees are cross functionally trained, with many able to perform work behind the robot pendant, in the shop, and in the field when necessary. We use KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) to measure productivity in all areas of our organization.  And while we don't have a formal 5S program in place, we work continuously to clean up our work spaces and make them more efficient for our employees.

For further information about Motion Controls Robotics, contact Scott Lang, President at 419-334-5886.

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